Apple Cracks Down on Privacy Concerns

In the next iOS update, Apple users will experience new privacy features intended to halt organizations from being able to track people on their mobile devices.

So, what does this mean for us?

  1. Apps and websites will be limited on their abilities to collect email addresses with the single sign-on feature.
  2. Users will now be made aware of the apps that are tracking their location and companies will not be able to use WiFi or Bluetooth connections to track a user’s location.
  3. Users will have the ability to limit their location tracking.

Apple will have a new single-sign on feature (“Sign in with Apple”) that allows users to disguise their identities to app developers, creating anonymous email addresses to ensure apps don’t have access to directly contact you without your explicit permission. Companies will also be losing the ability to track location information from users through WiFi and Bluetooth-based tracking, making it a little more difficult to track foot traffic and serve ads to users in specific areas.

This is a great step for calming our privacy concerns; however, how is this going to affect advertising and marketing? Well, we will have to find out. How do you feel about this new update?