Ikea Shifts Their Focus

Have you heard? Ikea is changing up their catalog focus and we are curious to see how it goes.

Ikea has been long known for their behemoth catalogs, but they are going to take the leap from print to digital by creating a shoppable catalog that will be hosted on Pinterest. We honestly can’t imagine a better place for them. Pinterest, known for its DIY projects, recipes, and how-to guides is the perfect place to house one of the largest furniture retailers in the world.

So, what’s so special about this change? Well, as a digital agency, we are excited about a few possibilities that comes with this online catalog. By partnering with Pinterest, Ikea is able to learn what makes users excited to purchase. They will have insights into shoppers’ personal tastes. Pinterest is no longer aspirational; users aren’t just pinning their favorite items anymore. They are pinning and then coming back to make a purchase.

Ikea was able to work with their own digital agency as well as Pinterest’s teams to build a questionnaire into the platform to learn what users wanted to shop for and then giving them the option to allow Ikea to autofill a Pinterest board based on their own personal responses.

This change has us curious about how other companies will be shifting some of their print efforts online. We’re excited for the future of digital. Are you?