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Pinnacle Admin
How Hulu Has Impacted Advertising

At a recent presentation, Hulu announced how they intend to partner with brands since streaming services are continuing to grow

Pinnacle Admin
Facebook Acquires GIPHY

Facebook has been a social media juggernaut throughout the last decade and is home to billions of users. Throughout their

Pinnacle Admin
April Staff Quarantine Recommendations: Binge-Worthy Shows and Movies

Okay, so, you’re stuck in your home, we are stuck in our homes, everyone is stuck in a home! We

Pinnacle Admin
5 Tips to Help You Work From Home

Listen, we live in an age where working from home has become fairly standard. But, for many employees and their

Pinnacle Admin
How Digital Marketing Is Changing in 2020

Listen, the world of Digital Marketing is constantly changing. This isn’t news to us. We are a digital advertising agency

Pinnacle Admin
Social Media Trends We’re Talking About in 2020

Resolutions have been made, gym memberships have skyrocketed, and new digital media trends are flowing into this new year. Specifically,

Pinnacle Admin
A New Shopping Experience Coming Soon to an Instagram Account Near You

Don’t you wish you could try before you buy, without ever having to leave your couch? Facebook is working hard

Joe Fitzgerald
It’s OK If No One Likes You

Okay, so, we all know Instagram is testing a taboo topic; taking away all of our “likes” but, really, does

Joe Fitzgerald
Twitter is Getting a Makeover

We told them what we wanted; they listened. Twitter is rolling out a new desktop experience for its users. A

Joe Fitzgerald
Ikea Shifts Their Focus

Have you heard? Ikea is changing up their catalog focus and we are curious to see how it goes. Ikea