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Joe Fitzgerald
New Diet Coke ALERT!

Coca-Cola just announced they are making massive changes to Diet Coke. No need to fear diet soda lovers, the original Diet Coke flavor will remain

Joe Fitzgerald
Newest Coping Mechanism for Veterans

Starting off 2018, there are new and exciting breakthroughs that are constantly evolving to work towards improving everyday life for people around the world. Thinking

Joe Fitzgerald
Wearable Technology is Getting Smaller, Literally

To start off, what is wearable technology? Also known as wearable gadgets, wearable technology are devices that can be worn by consumers and often include

Joe Fitzgerald
“It’s The End of Facebook Organic Traffic…(and You Should Feel Fine.)”

This morning, Facebook announced that they were making a pretty significant adjustment to their algorithm that would promote user content and deprioritize content from publishers’

Joe Fitzgerald
How to Influence the Behavior of Crowds

For many years, it has been known that scent and color can influence a person's mood, whether it's in the color of a room or

Joe Fitzgerald
Golden Globes v. Social Media

The 75th annual Golden Globe Awards aired on Sunday, January 7th and dropped five percent compared to the 2017 telecast. Last year the Golden Globes

Joe Fitzgerald
Facebook is Stepping Up

Facebook is stepping up in a big way for the little guys. They have recently announced that they are putting 3 million dollars towards helping