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Sustain Supply Co.

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    Sustain Supply Co.


    Brand Development

Client Challenge

Launch a unique preparedness supply solutions brand, Sustain Supply Company, marketed direct to consumers. This business line was born out of, oddly enough, necessity. There were no competing brands or shops prepared to offer citizens the consolidated value prepared as a standalone emergency solution. Problem, no one knew the brand existed.

Pinnacle Proposal

Create the Sustain Supply Co. brand by exploring the outdoor & preparedness marketplace, visual consumer appeal, brand ideals, as well as story/message and tone from scratch.

Contextual Messaging

Develop contextual messages around themes of experiences that Sustain Supply solutions could address in real world events. Placing the customer at the center of our objective to help them in their time of need.

Value Messaging

Express the consolidated value of the contents of the various pre-packaged, individual bags versus the DIY approach. Reveal the projected financial and time savings.