Wearable Technology is Getting Smaller, Literally

To start off, what is wearable technology? Also known as wearable gadgets, wearable technology are devices that can be worn by consumers and often include tracking information. The function of this wearable tech can range from POV cameras to health and fitness tracking.

Two years ago L’Oréal launched a wearable patch called My UV Patch, it was a heart-shaped device that kept track of a person’s exposure to UV rays, as a way to lower risk of skin cancer.  This technology had Bluetooth incorporated into it to keep track of how much sunlight a person received each day. This week L’Oréal is showing off the renovated version called UV Sense. The difference being that it is only 2 millimeters thick and comes in the form of nail art decals. This new version can stay on for two weeks, is battery free and can store up to 3-months’ worth of data.

This smaller and revamped version of a wearable is a great example of how companies can follow suite and make these devices more convenient and combatable with its consumer’s lives. These devices can be used as a form of prevention and helping raise the consumer’s self-awareness to health risks. Just like L’Oréal’s device made one aware of how much they are exposed to UV rays, in turn making one self-aware to put on sunscreen. We are still a long way from perfecting all of the kinks in this area of technology but we are a lot closer by making it smaller and more accessible.

To read more about this device and an interesting Q&A with the Head of Innovation at L’Oréal, click this link.